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Half Share for week 10-25

Backyard Gardens’ CSA: Week 21 – October 25, 2012

أريد كسب المال من المنزل With snow blanketing the garden beds and nighttime temperatures approaching the teens, the season has fast-tracked towards the end.  It ain’t over yet, but we’re hurriedly clearing the fields of the last of the harvestable crops and wrapping things up outside for the season.  We still have to plant garlic, which is always a fun […]

Office View

Backyard Gardens’ CSA: Week 20 – October 18, 2012 The winds of change blew through the gardens this week. The gardens and their backdrop are taking on a new look. Fall has settled in. The white remay flapped in the wind as the leaves of another season go from green to gold. As we scurry about the field tucking the plants in for the […]

Backyard Gardens' CSA: Week 19 - October 11, 2012

Backyard Gardens’ CSA: Week 19 – October 11, 2012 Hello CSA members,  I hope you are all enjoying this glorious picturesque fall.  With the weather changing, things are starting to wind down here on the farm. This Saturday marks the Last farmers market of the season, and the much anticipated Apple Pressing Party!  That’s 10am-2pm Saturday the 13th,  there will be multiple apple presses, […]

Backyard Gardens' CSA: Week 18 - October 4, 2012

Backyard Gardens’ CSA: Week 18 – October 4, 2012

buy Viagra 130 mg in Stamford Connecticut Hello there! Fall’s wild winds and cool air have moved in. We have been making a mad dash to rescue remaining plants and cover beds that need extra warmth to make it through the nights. We’ve managed to save most everything and are up to the brim with winter squash and green tomatoes. This week’s […]