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Harassment is unlawful if it is based on a protected characteristic (age hook up anywhere sex, etc.) and creates an intimidating, hostile, or abusive work environment.. And often when you have a crush hook up anywhere you feel like you really want to be close to them; you might want to cuddle or spoon with them; you might have sexy thoughts about them just pop into your head; you might want to spend more time with them and you might notice that when they re dating someone they spend more time with them than with their friends; you might be having a situation where your friend actually bails for dates and romance and that might be annoying; your friends around you might be saying, hey, your friend is totally cute, you should maybe consider dating them.. Posted: 3/6/2005 7:09:13 PM i also been to hull those times now its a prostitute thing etc a great hook up place for guys and gals that are looking for one thing when i worked in hull very close to place du portage we used to go to "le bop" after work for a few drinks with co workers and stuff but it was mostly kids there and that was 2 years ago zepz_74m Joined: 12/11/2004 Msg: 16 Where in Ottawa do the over 35's go to dance?.

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