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Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 19— October 10, 2013

follow site Beth here – Liz is out sick today, so I get to write the blog this week.  It’s been awhile. You’ve been in good hands for the season with Liz orchestrating the bin assembly and distribution and blog composition.  It’s been great to be able to completely entrust your CSA details to Liz’s competent hands.  Thanks […]

Steve hydrating after this morning's harvest.

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 18 — October 3, 2013

cherche femme en suisse Greetings! We are sad to say goodbye to crewmember Steve this week — he is departing to start an AmeriCorps position down in California.  We’ll miss his red beard and orange hat, as well as his sense of fun and sense of humor.  But more than anything, we’re excited for his next grand adventure to […]

Robin checking out the weather coming over the mountains.

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 17 — September 26, 2013

follow url Whew!  What a chilly week.  We’re happy to report that our fall brassicas are coming on strong — bringing kale, kohlrabi and other such delightful treats to you this week.  Our leeks are also ready for harvest, joined by fingerling potatoes, leading me to dream of potato-leek soup. We’ve been hard at work putting row […]

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 16 — September 19, 2013

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 16 — September 19, 2013

What a freeze!  I’m sure you’ve all seen the snow up on the mountains….the signs of winter are on their way!  Our harvest this morning included some frozen kale and a few other crops.  Luckily our basil is snug in the hoophouses, withstanding the cool temperatures. Luckily, our CSA bins this week are not as […]

Half of this morning's fennel harvest

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 15 — September 12, 2013

http://diebrueder.ch/piskodral/3486 Greetings! We hope you like fennel — because we’ve got beautiful fennel bulbs in your bins this week.  I love it shaved thinly, mixed with olive oil, lemon juice and salt, and then left to marinate for an hour (or overnight, with patience).  It mellows the anise-y flavor and melds it into a lovely summer […]

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 14 — September 5, 2013

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 14 — September 5, 2013

vivere con iq option Illaqueare scintillavamo forex live rugasti sbeccavate? Hi all, It’s week 14 of the CSA already!  The summer seems to be flying by…yet we’re still expecting some amazing produce in the next two months.  Our fall crops are on the way — and with this rainy weather of late, a nice bowl of squash soup next to a wood stove sounds just […]

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 13 — August 29, 2013

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 13 — August 29, 2013

online dating cosmopolitan Greetings, Everyone! Beth is off to a large catering gig on Mt. Hood this week, so this is Liz filling in while she’s gone.  The crew is holding down the fort and crafting a CSA bin for everyone in her absence. And speaking of absence, it’s Lynda’s last week on the farm!  She’s off to […]

Liz + Steve's hands after the first potato dig — they're dirty, that's for sure!

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 12 — August 22, 2013

go to site Hi all! Another week in the field, and the summer vibes keep getting stronger.  We’ve got everything coming on with the sad exception of tomatoes….they’re just not having a good year so far.  We’re checking down in our Imnaha garden each week, and while the peppers and eggplants (whew! the eggplants!) are in full summer […]

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 11 — August 15, 2013

binУЄre optionen handeln tricks Hello all you lovely readers out there.  This is Steve attempting to blog, finally! The Caesar salad booth went great last weekend at the blues festival! Thanks to all who volunteered or purchased some tasty food from us.  We had a blast doing the booth and are looking forward to having great volunteers next year. […]

Bean plants

Backyard Gardens CSA: Week 10 — August 8, 2013

source link Hi all, It’s another week at the garden — and we’re already harvesting romaines for the Bronze, Blues and Brews festival this weekend!  We’ll be back with our Caesar booth, serving salads, wraps and brownies from 12 o’clock on, so come see us.  We’re excited for the line-up too, from the 22-yr-old Samantha Fish to […]