The Backyard Gardens CSA

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enter site The Backyard Gardens CSA (community-supported agriculture) is a great way for you to get weekly deliveries of fresh, local, and sustainably grown produce! CSA members pay up front, then get a portion of the harvest throughout the growing season.

go to site By making a financial commitment to support Backyard Gardens, CSA members provide a steady and reliable source of income for the farm. In return, they receive a share of the harvest. And it’s a good value! A CSA membership gives you lots of fresh, local produce for your money.

To sign up, please fill out and submit the CSA application form. Please note that a $50 deposit (or payment in full, for the salad and flower shares) is required to secure your spot in the CSA.

click here For full details on the CSA program, you can download a CSA brochure2018.  If you have questions or comments, contact us.